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Bureau of Statistics: March industrial enterprises to accelerate the growth of profit


National Bureau of statistics, industrial division, Dr. He Ping, 2016 1-3 months of industrial enterprises profit data

3March industrial enterprises to accelerate the growth of profit

——Interpretation of the National Bureau of statistics industrial division, Dr. He Ping

2016 1-3 month profit data for industrial enterprises

National Bureau of statistics in April 27th released the financial data of industrial enterprises, 1-3 months, the total profit of Industrial Enterprises above designated size increased by 7.4%. Among them, the profit growth of 11.1% in March, an increase of 6.3 percentage points faster than 1-2 months.

Industrial enterprises to accelerate the growth of profits, mainly for the following reasons:

One, industrial product sales growth accelerated. 3 months, above scale industrial enterprises main business revenue grew 4.6%, an increase of 3.6 percentage points higher than the 1-2 month, is the main business income in the past 3 years to speed up the biggest month of the month.

Two, product price decline narrowed. 3 months, industrial producer prices fell 4.3%, a decline of 0.8 percentage points compared to 1-2 months, the purchase price fell by 5.2%, a decline of 0.8 percentage points compared to 1-2 months. Price decline significantly narrowed, the role of the increase in corporate profits is more obvious. Preliminary estimates, only due to the factory price of industrial producers and purchase price decline narrowed, the impact of industrial enterprises profit fell 107 billion 600 million yuan less than the amount of 1-2 months.

Due to the price rise, part of the industry profits fell significantly improved. In March, the petroleum and natural gas exploitation industry profits decline in 164.2% decline than in January and February narrowed 69.9%; coal mining and dressing industry profits fell 2.9 percent, fell substantially narrowed 108.2%; black metal smelting and rolling processing industry profit growth 38.9%, and 1-2 months decreased 72.9%.

Three, reduce costs, reduce costs and further show the effect. benefit from a series of progressive implementation of the efficiency of the policy, the cost of business growth is lower than the main business income, the decline in financial costs continue to expand. March, the scale of Industrial Enterprises above the main business costs rose 4%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points lower than the main business income. Financial expenses fell 3.9%, a decline of 1 percentage points over the expansion of 1-2 months.

Four, the investment income and operating income of the net profit growth driven significantly. 3 months, above scale industrial enterprises investment income grew 20.4%, while 1-2 months fell 3%; net income growth of 68.3%, an increase of 28.8 percentage points over 1-2 months. In March, 30.5% of industrial added profits came from an increase in investment income and net operating income.

It should be noted that, in March the growth rate of industrial profits rise, both the impact of the economic factors, but also with a balance, instability and recovery. First, the increase in profits concentrated in a small number of industries. In March, profits add up to communicate with computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, automobile manufacturing industry, petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing five industry, the total additional profit 503.8 billion yuan, accounted for all the industrial new 88.8% profit. Two is the investment income and operating income and other non main activities of the non main activities to increase profits significantly, not with stability and sustainability. Three is a low base over the same period. March 2015, industrial enterprises profit fell 0.4%, the average growth rate of only 5.2% in the two years. In addition, from a historical perspective, compared with production and income, profit growth tends to be more volatile. Profit is the result of a variety of factors such as income, cost and other factors, the change and difference between income and cost cost is smaller, and the profit growth will be more volatile.

Overall, the industrial economy is still in the resolve excess capacity, structure adjustment, power conversion process, lack of demand, inventory pressure and financial difficulties, affecting industrial economic stability and development issues are still outstanding, efficiency of industrial enterprises can be sustained and stable growth remains to be further observation.