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The United States warned Britain to take off the risk of Europe and the United States to weaken the prospects of trade negotiations


U.S. trade representative Michael Lou Frohman 21, warned that the risk of British and other European political problems are weakening the prospects of European and American Free Trade negotiations.
According to reports, Frohman in U. S. President Barack Obama visited Britain on the eve of the accepted the newspaper interview, say, complete the "trans Atlantic trade and investment partnership agreements" (TTIP) negotiated the opportunity fleeting, European leaders need to show the necessary political resolve some issues in breakthrough. He said the UK's risk of de Europe, the European refugee crisis and the financial difficulties of Greece and other issues are weakening the prospects of TTIP negotiations.
Britain is scheduled to withdraw from the European Union on whether to hold a referendum in June 23rd. In recent months, Frohman repeatedly warned Britain once off the European, the United States will be reluctant and Britain on a bilateral free trade agreement negotiations. Eight former US Treasury Secretary has also issued an open letter calling for Britain to stay in the European Union, saying it is the best choice for the UK, Europe and the global economy.
Froman said Obama will in the next week, with Germany, France, Britain and Italy's leaders meeting, stressed that the United States remains fully committed to do everything possible to complete the TTIP negotiations this year. He pointed out that, if you can not reach an agreement before Obama's departure in January next year, TTIP negotiations may be delayed for several years.
TTIP first round of negotiations started in July 2013, but the slow progress of the follow-up. Experts pointed out that due to the presence of many differences in the US and Europe in international investment dispute solve mechanism, data on cross-border flows, government procurement, agricultural products market access and financial supervision and other fields, the two sides can in this year to complete the negotiations there is a lot of uncertainty.
If Europe and the United States successfully reached the TTIP agreement, the two sides will build the world's largest free trade zone, covering about 40% of the world's economic output and 50% of the trade activities. According to EU estimates, Europe and the United States free trade agreement once it enters into force, each year will be respectively for the European Union and the United States create 11.9 billion euros (about 1349.94 billion U. S. dollars) and 950 billion euros ($1077.68 billion) value, will also on international trade rule making far-reaching impact.