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The United States and the largest steel enterprises in the product requirements Chinese away accused of price manipulation


"The most daring and drastic action to take on the world's biggest steel producer in China, which has taken place in China, is the most daring and most aggressive action taken by the US steel companies." ——26 local time, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Steel Corporation to the United States International Trade Commission filed a complaint, request according to the survey conducted by dozens of large Chinese steel producers and distributors in the United States "unfair trade", the British Reuters news agency 27 on the matter to make comments at the beginning of this article. Chinese Ministry of Commerce, trade remedy investigations Bureau of the person in charge of the 27, said the United States Steel Corporation filed 337 investigation, the survey mainly aims at is infringement of intellectual property rights, and iron and steel products is relatively mature products, does not exist the so-called intellectual property disputes.

The United States International Trade Commission is a quasi judicial federal agency, and the United States Department of Commerce jointly responsible for the country's anti-dumping and countervailing investigation. 26, the United States issued a statement on the Steel Corp, said the complaint is based on the United States and the United States in 1930 tariff act of 337th provisions. The company claimed that some large steel enterprises in China to carry out illegal and unfair competition, asking the authorities to all China's steel products involved in unfair trade out of the U.S. market. Chinese Ministry of commerce website shows that this complaint is for China Hebei iron and steel group company, Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation and other about 40 Chinese steel companies to export the United States carbon steel and alloy steel products filed. American Steel Corp said that these Chinese companies seek to manipulate prices, to steal trade secrets, to circumvent the trade tax by false labels".

"We have said that we will use all means to fight for fair trade." Mario, President of the United States Steel Corp 26, said, through today's complaint, we continue to work through the anti subsidy and anti-dumping case, and promote the strengthening of law enforcement." The United States International Trade Commission will use 30 days to assess the complaint, and then decide whether to carry out the investigation.

The predecessor of the United States Steel Corp was founded in 1864 by the Carnegie Steel Corp. According to reports, the company is headquartered in the United States the largest integrated steel enterprises, there are dozens of subsidiaries in the United States, distribution of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates in Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan, India and other countries. However, the U. S. "the Wall Street Journal," said the company recently announced the disappointing earnings, this year first quarter net loss of $3.4 billion, over the same period last year, a loss of $75 million. In the past 8 quarter, 7 quarter loss. At the same time, the company's net sales fell 30%.

American Federation of steel workers in the United States to support the operation of the Steel Corp. According to 26 reports of the American Broadcasting Company, the Federation issued a statement saying, the United States, the largest steel companies are suffering from attacks. Illegal and predatory trade activities continue to unfold, make us steel industry and other sectors suffer." "New York Times" said the United States Steel Workers Union on Monday also submitted a petition to the U.S. International Trade Commission, to solve the problem of excess capacity of China's aluminum production, to promote the U.S. government to restrict imports of aluminum. The coalition withdrew its petition on Friday after it was opposed by the Aluminum Inc, the government of Canada and the Canadian member of the union.

Pittsburgh media "business times" 26, said the United States, the Steel Corp in the war in China "launched a new shell". The article said that the impact of the steel industry, on the one hand is due to the decline in demand, on the other hand, because a large number of cheap steel products into the United states. Reuters said it could be the most significant dynamics in the 25 years in the US steel industry, or that it would exacerbate tensions between China and the major steel producers. Some analysis believes that before the U.S. International Trade Commission to make a ruling, the Chinese exporters may be worried about the United States to take the initiative to take retrospective measures to cut exports. British "Daily Telegraph" commented that China and the world's major powers in the iron and steel exports, the conflict is being upgraded".

Chinese Ministry of Commerce, trade remedy Investigation Bureau for the 27th said on the matter, 337 investigations of the United States, mainly aims at is infringement of intellectual property rights, the accused no basis in fact, hope that the United States International Trade Commission dismissed the allegations. He pointed out that on the one hand the United States China Yajian steel production capacity, the hand also accused the Chinese iron and steel enterprises control output and export volume, this approach contradictory. Prior to the official reports, China's steel production capacity of 85% to 95% are used in domestic demand. Last year, China's steel exports to 1.12 tons, accounting for only 14.5% of China's steel production, while some western countries accounted for the proportion of steel exports to 40% of its output.

Tsinghua University, Sino US relations research center senior researcher Zhou Shijian, 27, told the Global Times said if the United States accused China of steel enterprises overcapacity, from which to defend the point of view of their own interests is based on understanding, but if in case there is no evidence, allegations such as "to steal trade secrets", which was planted on. Zhou Shijian believes that if the U.S. International Trade Commission is really to investigate, Chinese enterprises should actively respond to the use of legal weapons to defend their own interests.