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Emerging 17 stainless steel enterprises appeared in the 119th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)


The 119th session of the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou second. The fair in Xinxing County, 17 exhibitors, 74 booths, exhibitors are stainless steel kitchen.

In recent years, new stainless steel manufacturing enterprises to strengthen research and development of product design, through innovation and change to enhance the brand core competitiveness of enterprise. The Canton Fair, their own research and development of high-end stainless steel kitchen utensils domestic and foreign merchants concern. For the Canton Fair such a big stage, the local exhibitors also have a clearer perception: to facilitate the order transaction, but also to promote corporate brand, expand customer relations. ●Text / chart: Southern Daily News reporter Tan Xiao

Large enterprises small businesses looking for positioning "aura spell"

April 23, 24, field reporter Tafang this session of the Canton Fair site, stainless steel tableware supplies exhibition centralized arrangement location on the 1st floor of a district. A walk into the A area of the 2.1 exhibition hall, Ling Feng Group and all the group's booth on the bright lights, which also attracted a lot of buyers look. In the Thai Group booth with everything, few buyers side comfortably enjoying wine, food, side and everything Thai Group staff to understand the product information; on the other side of the projector, is constantly rolling broadcast commercials everything Tai Group and the exhibited products. The music sounded, wearing beautiful models who took turns on stage show of stainless steel products, attracting a large number of buyers to take pictures.

"The international market economic situation is not ideal, this year, our customers mainly around the old customers, new customers, new faces appear not a lot." Liu Bingyao, executive vice president of all things Thai group, told reporters, from the current point of view, the customer market is generally dominated by European and American countries, such as the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, France, etc.. "More than two years, a number of South Korean customers".

In Ling Feng Group's booth, there are a large number of buyers are on-site experience of high-quality meal kitchen supplies. Ling Feng International Limited General Manager Zou Biqiang told reporters, from the point of view of these days, the company's booth overall passenger traffic is pretty good. And due to changes in the currency exchange and other reasons, this year's intention to deal with the region is mainly in Europe and the United States market. "Buyers from the United States, Germany and other countries are more, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea and other countries, a little more buyers, but this year the Russian buyers are relatively small."

Compared with the Ling Feng and all things Thai, Xiang Shun meal kitchen utensils Co., Ltd. is not so big, but the layout and exquisite unique products or attract a lot of buyers to buy. "This year's popularity is better than last year, the Middle East, the intention of customers will be more, the European less." Cheung Shun kitchenware Co., Ltd. sales manager Liang Hao told reporters that in order to avoid the homogenization of products, and large enterprises dislocation competition, many small and medium-sized steel enterprises choose locating from the product of some stainless steel household goods production, and willing to take a short single, small.

Reality kitchen show to attract foreign merchants

Compared with the leading stainless steel enterprises, the number of small and medium enterprises participating merchants Advisory rate is low, and some booth, the reporter saw at the scene, and some buyers go in to look at the product soon after coming out. "Feeling this year's market is not good," a company's staff feeling.

"As long as there is a place where the market is a good place, corporate sales channels are diversified, not because of the foreign market is not good, immediately to the domestic market as the main body to do." In this regard, Liu Bingyao analysis, product is different, different regions of the different cultures, products have different needs, not because of the foreign market is not good to apply mechanically the products from foreign markets moved to the domestic market. In all things, for example, at present its own brand and products in the domestic market, according to market and customer needs to adjust the planning. "Crisis is opportunity, regardless of the global environment overall economic situation how bad will appear as a 'machine', and this opportunity requires enterprises grasp, through continuous technology leading enterprise development, pioneering and innovative, in a crisis looking for a way out, promote the enterprise service quality of services and products; and upgrading of processing manufacturing capacity, reduce labor intensity and labor cost, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises."

Ling Feng International Co., Ltd. General Manager Zou Biqiang told reporters, in addition to the booth exquisite layout, product quality, good customer relationship is an important weight to attract buyers. "The core lies in product development. Business is not the moment to reach, we rely on the good products to customer acceptance; in before the start of the current session of the Canton Fair, through telephone, e-mail and other means, the better to cooperate with those buyers were fully communicate, understand their needs, inviting they came to interview the booth where we during the fair. "

From Italian buyers Serena told reporters that he is attraction to the kitchen show beauty, "which can be let me more fully understand the products, especially its operability." In the view of Serena, beautiful booth layout, wonderful performance, is to attract buyers, but the purchasing business is really the procurement of goods eventually according to product quality and price to decide, "your Chinese is excellent in quality and reasonable in price."

"Whether the exhibition reflects the strength of enterprises"

Some stainless steel enterprise exhibitors staff told reporters that early a few years ago, the Canton fair procurement finished goods, if satisfied will direct the bill. But in recent years, with the changes in the international economic situation, the purchase of the product requirements are also much higher. "They will not only be in the field to understand the relevant situation of the product, some will ask to go to the factory to understand." And companies have begun to make their own fair as a platform for publicity and display products, to promote their new products in the Canton Fair, to understand the market price of the product.

Two-way selection is a new change in the Canton Fair in recent years. Exhibition has now become a platform for enterprises to display the strength and philosophy; and Canton Fair Exhibition manufacturers and buyers of the relevant qualification requirements, but also makes the enterprises and purchasing dealers through fair better understanding of each other. Reporters learned that the majority of stainless steel enterprises in Xinxing County to participate in the fair, mainly to establish the image of the brand industry, to understand the market, but also to get to know new customers.

Liu Bingyao also believes that participate in the fair is the most direct and effective way to establish the image of the enterprise, whether the exhibition also reflects the strength of the enterprise. "Many buyers has been looking for a suitable supplier, and the enterprise also is constantly looking for their customers, through the platform of Canton Fair, to meet the needs of buyers, companies continue to introduce new products to attract the attention of the new and old customers. Canton fair not only shows the company's products, as well as corporate trends, corporate brand and visibility, so that enterprises understand the direction of the market and change, so that enterprises can adjust their strategic objectives. Canton Fair on enterprises and buyers to negotiate, easy to promote some agreements and intentions, for the next step in the market and laid the foundation for planning."

"Doing business is in daily activities increased, and the fair is currently China's largest one of the best platform, by platform to display their new products and new concept, give all purchasers better understand Ling Feng, through the fair, our customer base, product line can get certain expansion." Zou Biqiang said.

Cheung Shun kitchenware Co., Ltd. sales manager Liang Hao to the above statement quite agree, in his view, really good enterprise also worry that is buried, Canton Fair is a platform, is a doorsill, want to come in first of all we must have the relevant qualifications, our business through the fair can even more convenient and high-quality customers match. "

From American buyers Hellman said, if you have intention to a product, consider the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the enterprise "in addition to the basic quality and price, and I hope to cooperate with you with some soft power."

The machine substitutions results previews of independent innovation products more popular

After more than 30 years of development, Xinxing County stainless steel kitchen utensils fame, regardless of quality, price, or export volume, are located in the forefront of the country with the industry. International famous stainless steel kitchen utensils brand products are made by the Xinxing County stainless steel enterprises. Opportunities and crisis co-exist, in recent years, emerging a number of stainless steel enterprises through the transformation and upgrading, strengthen the construction of independent brands, tried to get out of the stereotype of traditional manufacturing industry. The Canton Fair, the companies have demonstrated the independent research and development of new products, to attract buyers.

In all the Thai booth, just get the 2015 industrial design Oscar, said the German red dot award, the micro pressure cooker, favored by many buyers. Staff introduction, micro pressure cooker is more secure than the pressure cooker, food nutrition preservation degree is also more complete, while it is more than 1/3 of the time consumption of the ordinary pot. Micro pressure cooker completely put an end to the "explosion pot" dangerous, when the pressure to reach a predetermined threshold will automatically release the pressure.

Ling Feng group brought in 2014 by the German red dot award, 2016 IF Design Award - Aaron pour pot products. This is one of the boutique in recent years Ling Fung Group design projects, as a second generation of pouring pot project, adhering to the generation of spinning pouring type pot excellence, rotary tablet press to serial realization of rotation and the three functions of the hot, pour, the use of rotary press is a kind of brand-new experience. This session of the Canton Fair, this product has become "explosive", attracting a lot of buyers to buy, many buyers to pick up the pot with this observation, while and staff to understand the product information.

Reporters noted that the Ling Feng, all things Thai, Cheung Shun meal kitchen utensils Co., Ltd. and other stainless steel companies are invariably the main push of a series of composite materials". Liang Hao, the commonly used single backing pot itself is not magnetic, if you want to in the electromagnetic oven use needs at the bottom of the installation, and the bottom is thin, a long time easy deformation. With a newly introduced this composite pot, concise appearance, pot internal use "304" material, in the middle of aluminum, metal material is heated evenly, outside using "730" magnetic material and the material more durable. More than a number of participating enterprises, composite materials series of the purchase of a number of.