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28 Wuxi stainless steel guid


27, LME nickel field adduction 91.9 square, LME nickel 3 opening 91.9, highest 9280, minimum 9085, closed 9215 rose 30 rose 0.33%, tons inventory 416352, reduce 1704 tons; electric 3 transaction 7081 increase in 1910.

Flat plate 300 Wuxi market today, part of the price slightly lower, 304 cold rolling, TISCO resource quotes in 13000 yuan / ton, Zhang Pu quotation in 13100 yuan / ton; Hongwang, Kim Yong quotation 12800 yuan / ton, Kim Yong goods less; wine 304 stainless steel cold-rolled reported 13000 yuan / ton, market resources not, recent mill delivery limit. Hot-rolled aspects, now market too few resources, the May Day festival will have batch resource into the city, dongte flash quote 12100 yuan / ton, market dongte resources mainly, hot-rolled market resources tight; cold rolled 316L, TISCO quotation 17000 yuan / ton, Zhang Pu reported in 17000 yuan / ton; hot rolling, dongte hot rolled newspaper to 16000 yuan / ton.

200 series, Lianzhong price of 8100 yuan / ton, up 100 yuan / tons, market resources are still less, the recent steel price increases, market with the rise of the range, Baosteel, macro Wang reported to 8000 yuan / ton, Hong Wang fewer resources; 201 hot-rolled, shortage of resources, sincere German newspaper 8000 yuan / ton, the market to Chengde resources.

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Wuxi market today 430 cold-rolled, TISCO 430 cold-rolled reported to 7250 yuan / ton, JISCO resources 7300 yuan / ton; resources is still thick material specifications is tight, the recent price increase larger shipments affected by this, slightly reduced.

"Mybxg guidance price" of the Department of Mybxg.com released on the day of the stainless steel spot sales market guidance. This price is based on steel plant agents research, combined with the recent trend of raw materials and market turnover situation, for the relevant manufacturers, distributors, buyers to provide the same day price reference. First release time for the day of 9:30 or so, if the market changes in the late, we will be ready to release the latest offer. Please pay attention!