Leadership Concern

It is with the person this, both inside and outside and repairing. Baofeng pay great attention to the talents of introduction and training, pay great attention to the talents of incentive and development, keep insisting on the principel of choose and employ persons having both ability and political integrity, with a high degree of political consciousness of responsibility and historic sense of urgency, not to have the knowledge and ability to select, has the deducation to work, have the spirit of hard work in the prime of life, enrich the young and middle-aged cadres at all levels of leadership. Baofeng successively held DuoCi large talent recruitment, and businesses in the talents in engineering, in the developnent and utilization of human resources, do one’s best all-round, multi-level and muti-channel, many model, cultivate and bring up a company elite is to cross-century talents team.

Chen Jiayuan (vice-governor of Zhejiang province, second on the right) and Lin Jiandong (secretary of Songyang County Committee, third on the left) came to our factory for work guidance.