President Speech

Dear customer friend:

Thank you very much for the majority of new and old customers of Baofeng Steel Group as in the past to support and help.

Bao Jianfeng from sharpen out, plum blossom from the bitter cold", Baofeng Steel Group through ten years of unremitting efforts and development, pursued in product and service quality, Baofeng products to the world, Baofeng brand to be recognized and respected in the field of global industrial equipment. Baofeng Steel Group Bing by "high quality and service, provide first-class stainless steel pipe for the global industrial equipment, continue to implement technology innovation, equipment updating, optimize the management, talent cultivation, the Baofeng products to" not expensive brand-name "strikes root in the hearts of the people. Petroleum and chemical industry, coal chemical industry, new energy, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, power, shipbuilding, food and other fields everywhere visible Baofeng products. To the development of China's industrial equipment to make a modest, we are proud of Baofeng.

Today in the economic globalization and the information, products and services into the era of global competition, Baofeng stand at a new height, a new starting point, we believe that attention stainless steel pipe industry, integration of downstream products resources,We humbly learn from and self innovation, Baofeng will be able to create a new blue ocean". I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea。Baofeng people will face the challenges, seize the opportunity for the realization of Baofeng to become the world's leading stainless steel pipe manufacturers and efforts.